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  1. Hi Donna and David,
    I wanted to thank you firstly for the lovely chickens, (settling in nicely) but secondly for taking the time to engage all of the children (and Matt!) in a ‘tour of the farm’ on Saturday. They all loved it and handling the babies.
    Many thanks once again

  2. Many thanks to you and your husband for supplying such super chickens they are settled in to their new enclosure. We have owned chickens for almost 20 years and I can honestly say I have not seen a better set-up and the condition of your stock was first class.

    Best Regards


  3. My wife and I met Dave and his sons at the weekend with a view to purchasing three chickens from them. I have to say that they were very helpful in giving us advice on which birds to choose and what to look for in the birds. They also clipped the wings for us and showed us the young chicks that they were rearing. If you are thinking of keeping chickens you need look no further than the Mullet family at Little Eaton Farm.
    Thanks for you help.
    Graham & Shelagh.

  4. Hello Dave and Donna
    Just like to thank you both for making us feel so welcome and asking us back for the day with the grandchildren if ever we wanted..
    It’s lovely to see you enjoy your work so much.
    My two chickens i purchased from you, The white star and black Rock? have settled in well with my existing two sussex hens and are now laying eggs too, what a gift! I named the white star Nora after Nora batty, Just so much like her.and the black Rock Eaton
    Thank you again
    Kindest regards
    karen : )

  5. this afternoon we purchased 5 lovely hens from this farm i cant believe how well looked after they were, we have got them home put them in our run they are so calm and friendly brilliant birds, the owners of the farm are very nice people would recommend anyone to buy their hens there, we travelled from west malling and it was well worth the drive thanks very much

  6. I bought 3 chickens from Little Eaton Farm, and I am delighted with them. They are lovely healthy ladies and have settled in very well. I will definitely be making a return visit to add to my flock.

  7. I purchased 3 chickens from Little Eaton Farm and i am extremely grateful!! My 3 lovely ladies have settled in very well and at least getting 1 egg a day and im very happy would recomend this to anyone thank you dave and donna !!!!

  8. Wonderful chickens, beautiful place and such lovely people. Thank you so so much – you can tell how much you care about your chickens as they truly are perfect!

  9. Thank you for showing our boys your 4 day old chicks, through the 5 weeks and up to point of lay hens. We were impressed with the conditions in which you raise your stock, it is very obvious you care for your birds highly. The girls are settling in very well. Thank you for the time you took to show us around and all your advice.

  10. Once we’d found the farm we were shown round, and chose our two hens – now known as Babs and Blue. They’ve both settled-in well, son and daughter love them! I’m sure we’ll visit again.

  11. Thank you so much for a lovely time at the farm and for helping me choose my new chickens !!! I loved handling the chicks and seeing so many chickens!!! Thank you so much!! Isabelle Paton-Smith (Jason paton-smiths daughter)

  12. Just wanted how very pleased and happy we are with the 2 hens we brought from you, you were right the one you said would be in lay in a couple of days has laid her first eggs which William was over the moon with. He went to school and told his teachers that his chickens were “working” lol. Can’t wait to pick up our next 2 girls 🙂

  13. We bought four POL chickens, lovely girls all laying within the first week in their new home, will definitely be returning for more, excellent value for money and quality reared hens.

  14. Chickens are settling in really well. Liked the fact chickens were reared in a open clean barn with plenty of light and air. Nice to see chickens are properly cared for compared to some places were the chickens are reared in large very dark barns where the air is thick. Many thanks donna great job

  15. Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for taking the time to show us around the farm and thanks for the great advice and stunning hens which we have named daisy and daphne.my daughter had show and tell today and it was all about your farm and chickens we will be back for more hens soon you will be recommend to all we know 🙂

  16. Hi Donna and Dave
    Well what a story to tell ! The first 4 hens I purchased and taken by my sister in law, live a life that I would die for and think they should lay gold coated eggs! My brother is worried he will bind them in the bed as winter setts in!
    My !!!! next 15 have all grown well and the next 15 have integrated well with them and have all grown and started to lay in the purpose built shed and converted plastic boxes ( Nest boxes) but so funny they all want to lay in just the one!
    So 15 Light Sussex and 15 Rocks will be joined in due course, I hope !
    Thanks for all your help and hope more peeps spread the word of your good stock!
    Hope the rest of the farm life/work is going well! (Beats Speedway Dave)

  17. HI Dave and donna
    just to thank you for all your advice and help
    and to let you know the hens I bought are settled
    without any worries I know if I need any other hens
    your be the first stop

    many thanks and take care

  18. Just wanted to say thank you for our two Skylines we purchased back in March, and we had our first egg yesterday from one of them and it is such a beautiful blue/green egg ! It stood out against all the brown and white eggs in our nest boxes !!
    We will most likely be back to purchase some more next year!!

    Many thanks and best wishes,

    Nic and Simon James, Kingswood, nr Maidstone.

  19. another trip to little Eaton farm today same great service, we came away with 8 beautiful girls lovely mix of breeds all really healthy very clean very calm, we could buy hens locally in west malling but nothing like the quality of birds we get from little Eaton and their is also great advice from dave and donna who really know their stuff thanks guys

  20. Eight hens purchased at the weekend… Our third visit and as always we are very pleased with our new girls.
    Six more on order ! Such good quality stock and well looked after. Thank you for being so welcoming.

  21. fantastic place and friendly as well. cheap food for the chickens, this is the only place I will ever come too to get chickens and feed.

  22. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our three Sussex hens Daisy, Bluebell and Snowdrop. They have settled in very well and after the first night of ramp training they now have it cracked!!! Thank you for your help and advice and for fitting their colour coded rings so we know which one of our girls is which, they are beautiful.

    Many thanks,
    Sue and John

  23. Hi Dave and Donna. We bought 10 chickens from you last year and having kept chickens for over 10 years and we can honestly say that they are the happiest and most friendly chickens we have ever looked after. These girls love company and we get 9 eggs every day – summer and winter. You have a fabulous set up – thank you.

  24. To Donna and Dave
    Thank you for our 4 lovely hens, we are really enjoying them so entertain. As first time chicken keepers it’s all new but we are learn fast thanks to your help, your web site is great and easy to use , we will see you soon for more supplies.
    Thanks ones again Rosie and Dave

  25. We bought three hens in July and had our first egg today! Beautiful girls, Rhode Rock, Pied Ranger and Isa. Such characters! Thankyou very much for all your advice and help as I’m new to this, but thoroughly enjoying it.

  26. Fantastic place, animals are all in brilliant condition, very friendly staff that know exactly what they are talking about. Will definitely recommend ? Our girls settled very quickly, are laying every day for us, we love them lots and they are loving their new home ?

  27. I have been meaning to write a note of thanks for ages. We bought four hens back in April and they have laid an egg each, virtually every day since we had them. They all get along very well and have a great life running around in the woods at the back of the garden each day. East to get them back, I just rattle the bag of meal worms and they all come running !

    I often go back to Little Eaton Farm to buy straw, pellets and meal worm. Dave and Donna are always friendly and knowledgeable with plenty of helpful advice and it’s also fun to go there, just to see the latest batch of chickens.

  28. Hi Donna and Dave,
    Are 16 chickens have settled in so well and all the grand children as well as Sue and myself are having so much fun with them,Thank you so much for spending time with each child choosing their own little hen you were both patient and poor Donna only having one working arm.
    Big Thank you from us all.
    Clare Sue and all the kids…

  29. We bought our five feathered friends at the beginning of January as first time chicken owners and are just LOVING life with our new additions. Donna, you couldn’t have been more helpful before, during and after our purchase, thank you for all your tips and amazing knowledge. My partner and I were so impressed at the set up you have at Little Eaton and have already recommended you to friends! The whole tribe enjoyed choosing their own chickens and were so excited to drive our precious cargo home to their new surroundings. Our girls are now 12 weeks old and so entertaining – they love starring on their very own Facebook page and keeping everyone up to date with their antics. The next major excitement will be our first eggs when they arrive in a few weeks’ time! Can’t wait!

  30. Hello Donna
    Just to say I was very impressed with your establishment when I came there on Saturday to get the Hens. I have kept Chickens for a number of years and I am very pleased with the quality of the ones I purchased from you, having previously kept game birds these are more laid back which is very good indeed, the barn where you had them was nice and bright and airy. If I ever need any more which is probably the case with chickens I shall certainly purchase from yourself.

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