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Welcome to Little Eaton Farm


ittle Eaton Farm Chickens have been rearing Point of Lay Hybrid Chickens since 2004. Our chickens arrive to us as day old chicks and are reared to point of lay, when each chicken will lay 200-300+ eggs per year depending on the breed.

Chickens are family friendly, very cheap and easy to maintain. Keeping your own small flock can be very fun and relaxing for all ages. Chickens are very productive pets providing an excellent fertiliser for your garden and also laying delicious eggs for your breakfast each day.

H ere at Little Eaton Farm we do all that we can to raise healthy, happy chickens and we have recently built an extension to our barn to provide a spacious living quarters for our chickens to thrive. You can be sure that Little Eaton Farm chickens are of the best quality.
Our Chickens are available for sale all year round and from as young as 10 weeks old. We also have everything you need to get started, including coops, feeders, drinkers and chicken feed.

We are available 7 days a week. Please contact us first to check availability.

Please browse our website for further details on our breeds and prices.

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Happy Chickens


We pride ourselves on keeping and selling Happy Chickens.

What We Offer


Point of Lay Chickens

We sell POL chickens from 10 weeks old. Book an appointment and come and choose your very own girls from our flock of happy chickens. Many customers find that bringing their children to help choose the new family members a very enjoyable experience.



Drinkers & Feeders

Our drinkers and feeders are the perfect way to keep your chickens fed and watered. These purpose built feeders and drinkers come in various sizes to accommodate different size flocks.



Of course your girls will eat almost anything and will love to finish off all of your left over food scraps, but it is also important to feed them a balanced diet to keep them healthy and laying well. With our specially formulated growers and layers pellets you can be sure your chickens are getting all of the goodness the need and deserve.

  • Thank you so much for our chickens we got today for a friends birthday. She loved them.


  • We bought four POL chickens, lovely girls all laying within the first week in their new home, will definitely be returning for more, excellent value for money and quality reared hens.

    Jacquie & Nick

  • Thank you so much for a lovely time at the farm and for helping me choose my new chickens !!! I loved handling the chicks and seeing so many chickens!!! Thank you so much!!

    Isabelle Paton-Smith

  • Wonderful chickens, beautiful place and such lovely people. Thank you so so much – you can tell how much you care about your chickens as they truly are perfect!






Friendly Chickens

Chickens can be very friendly and are a great addition to any family.


Meet the Girls


Rhode Rock


With its beautiful markings The Rhode Rock will lay up to 300 eggs high quality brown each year for your family.

Pied Ranger


The Pied Ranger has a lovely temperament and is sure to fit in well with your family. You will enjoy up to 260 brown eggs per year.


Bason White

Striking White

The Bason White will really stand out in your flock with its striking white body and bright red comb. Producing up to 300 white eggs for you and your family.


Beechwood Blue


The Beechwood Blue lays between 200-240 brown eggs each year and it great for families with small children. Your children will enjoy looking after these chickens and love to eat their home produced eggs.




This is very docile chicken that produces around 300 eggs each year The Loymann is a great ‘starter chicken’ if you are new to chicken keeping.


Barred Rock


With its beautiful feathers The Barred Rock will lay around 250 eggs medium sized brown each year for your breakfast.


Sussex Ranger


The Sussex Ranger will be a great addition to your family. With its great temperament you can be sure it will get along with small children and you will benefit from over 200 brown eggs each year.




The Speckledy is a pretty bird with its speckledy features. It will lay up to 250 brown eggs be year.



All of our Point of Lay Chickens have great temperaments and get on great with children. Introduce the magic of chicken keeping to your family and watch as your children learn, love and enjoy some fresh, tasty eggs that they have helped produce!

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We love to hear your feedback and experiences,
why not tell us how your girls are settling in.


See some of our previous happy customer reviews and feel free to add your own experiences

  • Hi Donna and David,
    I wanted to thank you firstly for the lovely chickens, (settling in nicely) but secondly for taking the time to engage all of the children (and Matt!) in a ‘tour of the farm’ on Saturday. They all loved it and handling the babies.
    Many thanks once again


  • Many thanks to you and your husband for supplying such super chickens they are settled in to their new enclosure. We have owned chickens for almost 20 years and I can honestly say I have not seen a better set-up and the condition of your stock was first class.


  • This afternoon we purchased 5 lovely hens from this farm i cant believe how well looked after they were, we have got them home put them in our run they are so calm and friendly brilliant birds, the owners of the farm are very nice people would recommend anyone to buy their hens there, we travelled from west malling and it was well worth the drive thanks very much

    Phillip Howard

  • I bought 3 chickens from Little Eaton Farm, and I am delighted with them. They are lovely healthy ladies and have settled in very well. I will definitely be making a return visit to add to my flock.


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