Little Eaton Farm Chickens

Little Eaton Farm Chickens have been rearing Point of Lay Hybrid Chickens since 2004. Our chickens arrive to us as day-old chicks and are reared to point of lay, when each chicken will lay 200-300+ eggs per year depending on the breed.

Here at Little Eaton Farm we do all that we can to raise healthy, happy chickens and we have recently built an extension to our barn to provide spacious living quarters for our chickens to thrive. You can be sure that our chickens are of the best quality.


Chickens are family friendly, very cheap and easy to maintain. Keeping your own small flock can be very fun and relaxing for all ages. Chickens are very productive pets providing an excellent fertiliser for your garden and also laying delicious eggs for your breakfast each day.

Our Chickens are available for sale all year round and from as young as 10 weeks old. We also have everything you need to get started, including feeders, drinkers and chicken feed.


Please get in touch first to check availability.

Day-Old Chicks

We receive our chicks at just one day old, and rear them to point of lay


Expert Care

Raised on the highest quality feed and have spacious living quarters


Point Of Lay Chickens

All of our Point of Lay Chickens have great temperaments and get on great with children. Introduce the magic of chicken keeping to your family and watch as your children learn, love and enjoy some fresh, tasty eggs that they have helped produce!

Point of lay chickens
Chickens can be very friendly and are a great addition to any family
From £11.50
Chicken feed
Balanced and healthy
From £6.50
Feeder and drinkers
From £8.20